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Uploading a Film to your Film Freeway Account

Step 1.

Once you have create a Film Freeway account uploading a film is simple.

Once your film starts uploading it’s best not to do anymore web surfing, or social media using your broadband. Any additional home network activity may slow the process down if you have a ¬†slow broadband speed.

Once your film is uploaded your free to surf again or add additional information about your film. The additional information will be seen by the Judges and will help promote your film as a worthy contender for the top prize.

Using Film Freeway to submit your film gives you the opportunity to promote your film to the judges and you as a filmmaker.

You can create:

  • A film poster
  • Add a trailer
  • A Photo of You
  • Photos of your production

By adding these additional items and information we’ll be able to promote your film and you as a filmmaker.

Once all your information is uploaded and added to your project you can now submit your film.

See ” Submitting a Film” for more details.