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Submitting a Film

There are 2 ways to navigate to our Film Freeway submission page.

The first way is to search for ” Mountainboard” via the Film Freeway website. This will give you a single return on the search – by clicking on the result will take you to our Film Freeway submission page.

Adding your film to the cart & checking out

When you click on the ¬†submission button you maybe ask to log in to your account. A popup window (add to cart) will appear asking to select which film you would like to submit and category, depending on how many projects and films you have uploaded. – Don’t worry our film festival is free, but always check it says free or there is a zero amount.

Once you have selected a film. Click “add to cart &¬†checkout”

The next screen you see is the checkout screen, again make sure you have the right film and there is nothing to pay. Once your happy everything is correct press “Complete Submission” button and you are done.

Start shooting your next film…