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These are the Official Regulations:

Please ensure your film complies with all our Do’s & Don’ts rules for the film festival.

This year we are using Film Freeway for film submission which enables any mountainboarder and indie filmmaker to submit a film from anywhere in the world. By uploading your film our judges will be able to view, comment and score your films before the event.

To the right is a list of what the judges are looking for in a film. Each section is marked out of 10 stars creating an average score.

Judges will be looking for:

  • Originality / Creativity
  • Direction
  • Writing
  • Cinematography
  • Performances
  • Production Value
  • Pacing
  • Structure
  • Sound / Music

Do’s & Don’ts:

  • You can use whatever equipment you like.
  • Maximum length of your entry is 10 minutes of film time.
  • Submissions are to be uploaded via unless otherwise stated then delivery can be on PC compatible USB Stick, SD-Card. Encoded to our requirements. See Tech Specs
  • All films must have a fully completed & signed entry form, music copyright clearance and any additional release forms required.
  • ALL entries must NOT have been broadcast on the internet or released on DVD in part, or in full. Broadcasting will mean any form of public viewing, i.e. You tube, etc. Public viewing is seen as gaining an unfair advantage by promoting your film with the exception of the following.
  • You are allowed to create a 45 second trailer advertising your film being shown at the next film festival. Your trailer must be edited differently to the final edit shown at the film festival. Your trailer can be uploaded to all social media sites and must advertise the film festival using the ATBJunkies splash screen.
  • Accreditation of the festival i.e. “Made for ATBJunkies’ International Mountainboard Film Festival” splash screen to be included at the start of your main film for 5 seconds or more. You can download this from our website.
  • You are not permitted to include any swear words (must be bleeped), sexual acts (including mimicking), suffering or character abuse, bullying, etc. All entries must be in English or have English subtitles.
  • No blatant branding, product placement, logos or promoting of manufacturing company’s new products. Some music licenses do not permit the involvement of companies who sponsor, fund or place their product in your film/s unless you pay a higher music clearance fee. Please be aware of this and fully read your music license terms of use.
  • Films must be shot or edited in the 18 months leading up the film festival event date. The 18 months time frame is to allow unfinished films to overlap film festivals
  • NO More than 180 seconds of old/pre-recorded mountainboard footage can be used. This is footage shot outside the 18 month time frame.
  • NO Copyrighted Material to be used unless you have written proof.
  • NO OVER THE TOP SHAKY CAM. Wobbly camera work on a big screen could make people sick.
  • All films must reach us by the closing deadline.
  • Not sure about the rules or need help please email us.

Any films that do not comply with these rules and terms may be excluded from the festival.


12th September 2015

All films must be uploaded before 12pm (Midnight GMT) on the 12th September 2015