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Creating a Film Freeway Account

Step 1.

Creating a Film Freeway account is simple and easy to use. Visit and click on sign up in the top right corner.

On the first screen enter your name, email and a password to create your account.

Step 2.

Once your account is created you can start setting up your first project/film. By completing the Project information you can start to tell us your film synopsis, about your crew, plus contact details.

The crew details are fully editable and if you shoot all your own films and edited them too, or just work in small teams, then you can create a credits box that says created by.

Step 2.1

In the specifications section you have the option to tell us more about the film, like aspect ratio, how much money did you spend making it, the films duration. All important information that allows our judges to understand your production process.

Step 3.

On completion of the previous section you are presented with the following options  (in the image).

Select ” Add digital Version”