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Film Brief

The competition brief will be to produce your own mountainboard film by selection one of the categories. You can make and enter as many films as you like into any of the categories – Be Creative, Entertaining, Different and Informative! Entrants can interpret the categories in anyway they choose. Your film has to be about any aspect of mountainboarding from a manufacturing the latest boards, how to ride, riders profiles, You don’t have to have 100% boarding in every shot – Tell a Story…

The ATBJunkies International Mountainboard Film Festival is open to everyone regardless of age, abilities or skill level in making a film. The core objective is to encourage everyone to take on the challenge of making a short film about Mountainboarding and promote it as a sport.­

Mountainboard Road Trip Film

This Category is for films that show a journey of discovery of new and old locations to ride, plus all the locations in between. Get creative with scenic locations and tell us what makes these locations special to you.

X-Board Film

Havn’t got the time to make a mountainboard film, the weather is not in your favour just too much mud or you are on the wrong side of the world. Then here is your chance to film something different. Why not make a skateboard film, snowboard film, long board film, kite board or just any kind of board sport.

Mountainboard Rider Profile Film

Time to show us the talents of a mountainboarder. Freerider, BoarderX Rider, or Freestyle Rider. As a film maker this is your opportunity to tell  their story; The person behind the board. Its the who, what, how, when, why & where of mini documentary films.

Title Screen

Click on the image to download the full HD 1080p .jpg and place it at the start of your film for 4 seconds.

Trailer Splash Screen

Click on the image to download the full HD 1080p .jpg and place it at the end of your trailer to promote the film festival.

Production Categories


  • Best Mountainboard Road Trip Film
  • Best X-Board Film
  • Best Mountainboard Rider Profile Film

Our requirements:


  • Use whatever camera kit and software you like.
  • Select a category to enter and make a film about.
  • Films must be about the sport of mountainboarding, with the exception of X-Board.
  • Your film should contain at least one interview.
  • The film must be between 3-10 minutes long.
  • Include our Title Screen. This must appear for 5 seconds before your film starts.
  • The final edit must be encoded as DivX, Mp4 or H.264
  • All music must be cleared for your use in your film/s and to be publicly shown at our film festival.
  • X-Board Films should be about Skate Boarding, Snow Boarding, Long Boarding or and other board sport.