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How long should I make my film

10 minutes is the maximum length it can be, a film with a good informative storyline and interview should be no less than 5 minutes long.

I have an old 4:3 standard definition camera. Can I still enter?

Yes. The video standard of your camera does not effect your editing or story telling. Think of the latest blockbuster film you like on bluray. Watching it on VHS does not effect the storyline of the film or the production value. The film maybe a bit blurry by today’s standards but it will still be enjoyable to watch. Our kit will playback any video standard. 4:3, 16:9 or even 2.40:1 providing the final edit is encode in to DivX, H.264 or Mpeg4.

Can I use any music I like?

No. You must only use music you have permission to use or have paid a fee to use within your film. There are many copyright free music websites that allow you to pay a single fee (not a royalty for how many minutes you use or how many people will see it, or even how many copies are made) ¬†Copyright free music is the better choice but you will find most of it a bit cheesey. See our “copyright music” page for more details and links to music websites.

What is the best way to record sound?

Recording sound is one of the most difficult things to prefect, even for a profession there are many factor to consider. To record an interview you will need a good pair of ears to find a location that is sheltered from the wind, road noise from traffic passing by, big leafy bushes make a lot of noise. If you are using the on-board mic then your camera must be less than 2m away from the person you are interviewing. Remember human ears are very good at filtering out unwanted noise when you talk to people – microphones can’t. Download our production guide for more details.

Can I make a trailer for my film?
Yes. You are allowed to make one 45 second trailer to promote your film at the film festival. It should also contain our splash screen that advertises the film festival. You can upload it to any social media site you like and also your Film Freeway account.
Can I make a music/pop video?
No. We would prefer it, if those videos were for personal social media site. Unless it is something amazing or totally different, never seen before; But you can make as many films as you like, so you could be experimental with one film.