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The ATBJunkies trademark is a brand name that is spelled in a special way with distinctive capitalisation.

  • The ATBJunkies trademark is properly spelled “ATBJunkies” with a capital “ATBJ” , and lowercase “unkies”  This capitalisation is part of the trademark.
  • The trademark should not be changed in any way including the spelling, inserting hyphens, making one word into two or making the trademark plural.

The ATBJunkies Marks, including logos, and other links provided to you for use on web sites promoting video content found within the ATBJunkies communities or partner sites are designed specifically for such use and may not be altered in any manner and must appear by themselves with reasonable spacing between each side of the applicable logo or search box and other graphic or textual elements. By using the ATBJunkies Marks, including logos, search boxes, etc., you recognise that all goodwill generated through that use is to the benefit of ATBJunkies.