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ATBJunkies began in 2006 by Mark Hartopp, a independent film maker based in Devon.  Mark took on the challenge of filming the impossible of fast paced action sports. Following the successful introduction of their first series of short films in 2006, ATBjunkies based it’s second series of films on the more ambitious challenge of filming every mountainboard event in the UK, which included FatFace’s NightAir Series, Trampa challenge and the ATBA-UK International Mountainboard World Series and continued to produce DVD’s.

Recognising the potential of Mountainboarding and the community’s passion for the sport, ATBJunkies introduced the International Mountainboard Film Festival in 2009 – giving mountainboarders and film makers the opportunity to make films about the sport and then premiere the films at an end of  season, openair event.

With the growing success of the International Mountainboard Film Festival gaining both recognition and popularity,  ATBJunkies has taken the decision to create a new micro boot camp event that combines mountainboarding and film production in one event.

This year, we have launched our new look website and graphics with our main aim to develop a stronger, global recognition of the film festival. At the same time encouraging new film makers, from grass roots level upwards, by introducing a series of micro boot camps that combines mountainboarding and filming sessions during a weekend, entitled ‘TBC’.